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Gallery of Kitchens has been designing kitchens for Fairfield County homeowners for over 20 years.

Expert craftsmanship exemplifies Gallery of Kitchens' cabinetry. The Gallery team can capture authentic period styles of Europe and America with a repertoire as limitless as the homeowner's imagination.

One of the first choices that has to be made when selecting a new kitchen is the style. At Gallery of Kitchens, homeowners can choose between cabinet styles from around the world including French, Italian, American, and English style cabinetry and design.

Gallery of Kitchens offers a stunning range of expertly designed kitchens custom-made to suit even the most discerning taste. Their Fairfield County, Connecticut showroom offers examples of their design and installation talents, with displays that capture attention everywhere.

You can view Gallery of Kitchen's showroom 24/7, so stop by any time. This interactive showroom effect is the first of its kind. The all new sound and robotic lights will amaze you.

When you are in front of our showroom,
log onto our FREE WI-FI GALLERY - GUEST NETWORK. The guest password is kitchens.

View their web site and send them an e-mail, or fill out a reply card located outside the showroom to insert in their mailbox.

Gallery of Kitchens

For a kitchen design consultation,
(203) 226-7550

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